It is time, my love!

Your dreams can't wait any longer.

That Plot Twist in your life that you've been craving for so long.... it is time to let it happen, NOW!


The dream you have been quietly and secretly nurturing over the years knowing that "one day it will come"?

It is time to let them be your reality.

Because really.... if not now, when?

That dream of yours..... has been waiting ON YOU!

not the other way around.

Situations, events, circumstances, people..... they all got in the way?

Yeah, they did

But you know what?

They will keep getting in the way. This is a given!

And you know what else is a given?

The fact sweet cheeks, that how you respond to things when they get in the way of your dreams is what's stopping them from  happening right now.

Your response to obstacles is actually what's truly getting in the way.

The irony! 😀

On the other hand...

How beautiful it is to know that all you have to do is shift.... shift your perception, shift your response, behavior, mindset, approach....

and your dreams will be a reality before you even realize it.

Because dreams my love...

Dreams are
MEANT to be lived.


It is time.

It is time to live your dreams.







 I'm SO super excited to present you the Plot Twist Series where we will together walk through my steps of  reclaiming and finally living those dreams that we have tucked away in a drawer a long time ago.

What are those steps I'm speaking of?

Right here, sweets:


🗑Step 1: Detoxing Your dreams!


Love..... you have NO idea how much crap is hanging on your dream, pulling it down after all those years of being stored  "safely" in a hidden corner somewhere in the ether. The irony, huh?! Trying to protect those dreams, did no good for them. Stories, memories, resentments, doubts, lack of trust, SO.MANY.THINGS that you dreams got bombarded with along those years.... Our first step then is to clean them up and let go of those dark spots pulling them down.


🌟Step 2: Shining your dreams back to life!


Stretching their legs again, letting your dreams walk around free as they need to - THIS after years of being shut down, constrained, held back {held captive even! } - THIS my love is a crucial step to fully being able to experience those dreams in your life :: Getting clear around them, polishing them up, fine tunning them and bringing them back to the shiny glory that we know dreams are made of.


🌷Step 3: LIVING your dreams in the NOW!


ohohohohohoho the juiciness of this stage! 😀
My love, there is NOTHING like experiencing our dreams here and now - easily, naturally as part of everyday life jut like that! And to do that?
We need to BECOME that person living her dreams on  the daily.

Hard? Hardly!

That one capable of fully receiving, bringing in, stepping into or wherever cute term you assign to it.... THAT PERSON.... she has always been you.

Again in case you missed:


But you forgot about her.
Just like the dreams that over the years got pushed down, constrained, moderated, adapted, toned down.... all the same applies to you my love. And on Part 3 of the Plot Twist we are bringing her back. We are remembering who that person fully capable of realizing her wildest dreams actually IS.

Oh and me? Who am I to be talking about dreams and living them?

👋🏼hi,I'm Raine

I'm someone who has done it. Over and over again.

Because I believe my love, that dreams are meant to be lived.

What we feel within is there for a reason. Those dreams were placed in each one of us - to be fulfilled.

Because that is what we are here for. To manifest THAT version of the story. YOUR version of the dream that can only be expressed and brought to life through you, through YOUR life. 

There isn't an exception. You are not an exception.


I remember a few years back going to Target and buying a basic pink print top, a basic-yet-cozy-to-the-max grey sweatpants and... orange flipflops.

This was the representation of what I wanted my "business-atire" to be.

Meaning, I wanted to be able to wear comfy clothes AND work from home.

But not like work remotely for someone else's company. I wanted to work from home for MY company - as a CEO there is. I wanted THAT outfit to be my go to in the morning for my CEO-self.

Ah! and speaking of mornings.... never liked them. Or better yet - the obligation of them.

Today my love,  those 3 dreams of mine that seemed impossible beyond comprehension are exactly what I get to live everyday!

My business-atire is THE one I dreamed of back in the days -- basic tee, comfy pants and flip-flops {upgraded fluffy flip-flop, 'cause... comfort}.

That day I was on a call with my accountant and she said "girl, you are making  a lot of money. You NEED to incorporate otherwise your taxes are gonna be insane next year".... it was... how can I say?.... DELICIOUS! 😀

Oh, and the morning situation? It has been YEARS that I wake up when my eyes open. As in no obligation or pressure whatsoever - when my eyes decide it's time.

Truth be told?


It couldn't be any other way.


because Dreams are meant to be lived.
We are meant for them.


As Rumi said:


"What you seek, is seeking you."


This couldn't be more real.


It is time.


It is time to live your dreams.

Plot Twist Series is here to help with that!


Our live round starts on Jan. 6th.

Read on!

How will all that work?


✨For a whole month I'll be sending you prompts and tasks that will cover topics on each one of the Steps of the course.

✨Each Step {Detoxing, Shining, Living} will take 10 days each.

✨At the end of each week we will meet LIVE and virtually to talk about insights that came through, old patterns that keep resisting, and overall state of things. There will be a total of FOUR LIVE virtual meetings! YEAS!!! 😀📹💁🏻‍♀️👯‍♀️

✨The entire series will be delivered in our private and secure member's area. Upon enrolling you will receive an email with your log in information to our private member's area.

✨In there you will be able to see the daily/prompts and tasks AND go back to any previously released ones. All nice and comfy in one place!



Now, checking  if this is REALLY for you!

If you....


🍃 are tired of wishful thinking and wondering when will be your "turn" to have and experience the things you've been longing for

🍃 are concerned that time is "passing you by" and that dreamy life you thought would be happening by now... well it's not here yet

🍃 have been committed for a long time to improving yourself and your life

🍃 are ready to take action even if that includes facing your fears {I know, no fun! But needed!}

🍃 feel that life can't be just "it" as is right now


🛎If all this ring bells, my love... then you are in the right place! 💖


🚨Super important note!!!! 🍂You MUST be willing to do the work. This is CRUCIAL! As much a I want to help, I can't do the work for you. Reading through the prompts and tasks everyday only, without action, no positive results can come from it!


Throughout our 30 days together we will:


🌷pin point the root of what has been holding you back

🌷release blame and shame around unfulfilled dreams

🌷 have a clear picture of what that dreamy life of yours looks like

🌷start living your dreams in the NOW without postponing them to a vague future "over there"

🌷sort out the ACTIONS you need to take to make it all happen for you and in your terms!



 What is included:


👉🏼💝Journalling Prompts, Homework  and Tasks Packet #1: Detoxing and Clearing up Your Dreams {valued at $125}

👉🏼💝Journalling Prompts, Homework  and Tasks Packet #2: Polishing and Shining Your Dreams Back to Life {valued at $125}

👉🏼💝Journalling Prompts, Homework  and Tasks Packet #3: Becoming and Living Your Dreams in the Now {valued at $125}

👉🏼💝 4 LIVE group calls  {valued at $92 each; $368 total!}



✨Bonus 1✨


👉🏼💝EFT Training: Releasing Fears and Coming Back to Your Center {valued at $47}

👉🏼💝2 of my Powerful White Light Guided Meditation: Self-Healing, Solving Conflict and Creating Connections {valued at $47 each; $94 total }



✨Bonus 2✨
{live round only}


only two spots! first come first serve basis!


👉🏼💝2 Custom meditations created for YOU only, based on YOUR needs as we progress throughout the course {valued at $94}
👉🏼💝A 1:1 session with me {you + I only, sweets!} where we'll do a deep dive on any of the topics covered in the course of your choice! {valued at $125}



Total value of entire Series:

Plot Twist complete series is priced at:

Sign up now for the Live round for only:


Are you in?


Are you in to finally get rolling with your dreams, uncover all that is stopping you from receiving what you want AND to take action towards manifesting all the goodness into your life?


See ya on the other side! 🤩


Disclaimer: Love, as I mentioned before I can not do the work for you. Everything I share with you in the course is based on my own experience. I deeply believe on those techniques which is why I am here passing them along. Yet I can not guarantee specific results.