Time to Get Cooking!🥘👩🏻‍🍳

And set up the party table!

A whole experience in the kitchen for you and your kids to truly get that quality time together, away from gadgets, while having fun AND teaching children cooking skills!

Do you know that feeling...


of not enough quality time left with your kids at the end of a week, even thou you all have been hanging around at home all this time?

of concern regarding your kid’s eating habits {*ahem* demands}?

of being an outsider as everyone else around you seems to be able to balance that family time and career/working-from-home situation?

of frustration by not knowing how to improve the quality of the time spent with your children?

of being overwhelmed by having to come up with activities for your kids more often now? {And actually sticking with them?!}

of concern that your family time is revolving around electronic gadgets?

A cuddly Nest


Now imagine creating a family routine that reinvigorates bonding, fun, inspiration, and creativity, while developing your little one’s confidence, sense of accomplishment, importance, belonging AND cooking skills.

🍰And the icing on the cake - without overwhelming YOU!

Sounds special, doesn’t it?

And it is.

Creating those cherished cozy memories at home with your children are key to your family’s well being.

Let’s paint a picture here.

Imagine at the end of the week, you and your children all excited for that bounding time about to happen.

All of you looking forward to gathering together in the kitchen, creating, making memories {the good kind, of course!} and exchanging laughter.

Oh, and did I mention all this happening after a whole week of  staying-at-home 'activities' that you both had to commit for school and work? Actually looking forward to this one where truly creativity, connection and fun happens naturally.

Now, let’s go even beyond that.

Let’s go high by picturing your children as young adults, able to improvise from leftovers, understand their ingredients, and knowing that they can trust their food choices in restaurants and at grocery stores.

Imagine them in college, confident in their ability to navigate beyond packages, processed food, and fast-food chains. Being assured that they actually crave and they know how to create homey nourishing meals by cooking for themselves.

Sounds perfect, safe, and comforting to know that they are aware of what they put in their bodies, ya?


To achieve that, we start with baby-steps.

We start at an early age.


By being together now, in the kitchen, cooking up a simple yet wholesome experience – I mean... recipe. 👩🏻‍🍳🥘

Right On!


Tiny Creative Chefs is here to make that happen!


Tiny Creative Chefs brings to your home yummy recipes, colorfully illustrated, that your children will love to prepare with the assistance of a helper – you!

It will be a time to be together again but intentionally bond, away from the noise, pressure, and demands of the everyday 'must' tasks.

Tiny Creative Chefs will guide you and your little one in the process of making simple recipes that engage and connect you through dialogue, creativity, curiosity, by getting your hands dirty, and FUN of course!

The recipes are eye-candy for kids and will make your time in the kitchen a fun activity that they will crave more and more each time.

You know, those college times we were talking about before? Yep, get them confident to be able to creatively produce in the kitchen at an early age! Make that weekly time together a grounding and empowering experience for them.


They will feel supported, cared for, and most importantly extremely proud of what they are able to create in the kitchen!



I bet they will want to show it off to the world – a party maybe? More on that in a sec. Keep reading! 😃

Who is this for?

Parents who want to make their time with their kids more meaningful away from electronic gadgets

Parents who want to IMPROVE the quality of time with their children

Parents who want MORE quality time with their kids

Parents who want to create nurturing memories with their children

Parents who are busy with very strict schedules and want to make maximize their time with their children

Parents who don’t want to compromise their family time for career/job demands, knowing they can balance both in a way that works for them. 


Tiny Creative Chefs is recommended to children up to 11 years old. On a side note: I personally loved children’s cookbooks my entire life, *ahem* still love them actually  Tiny Creative Chefs is perfectly suited to the young at heart as well.

Ok, and what do I get?


✨ Four hand-illustrated recipes delivered to you in our private members' area.

Tiny Creative Chefs is a digital packet.

Meaning each illustrated recipe will come as PDF files that you can save to your computer, print at home, stick to your refrigerator, make a book out of it, a binder with pictures of the best moments, or simply read from your tablet. Whatever works best for you :))



We are extending the food feast beyond the kitchen!


🎉Create a theme inspired party around the recipe you guys just made! 🎊


Oh, are you not a crafty person? Fret not.


You will receive done-for-you party printables that are very straightforward to use. Jump to the dining table and start cutting and gluing the decorations right away! ✂️🔖


I mean it! You will truly feel like a crafter even if you can barely cut things straight {flashing news -  no one really can or even need that!}


You guys will create a complete set-up with welcome signs, illustrated flags, food labels, bottle labels, and a handy shopping list to get your party all nicely decorated!
Like this one! {pic of party table}

Your kids will feel so special as the main creators of these food feast celebrations!

They will get the opportunity to help out the household, have fun, get the creative juices rolling AND spend time with you!

More Deets, Please!


Tiny Creative Chefs is a one-time purchase

All printables - recipe and bonuses - are hosted in our private members area

After purchasing you'll be redirected right away to download them

Any time you need to download a different one, just log back in to the site and they'll be there for you

Due to the digital nature of it, all sales are final

Price for all this goodness? As sweet as can be!



Yep, ALL goodies included!
Watcha waiting for, sweets? 🤩

A love-note from me to you. ❤️

Raine // LimeTreeFruits.com

Hey love! Raine here, creator of Tiny Creative Chefs!


I am so excited you are here and ready to experiment with your little ones in the kitchen!

My parents, just like you, were crazy busy, day in and out. {I know, who isn't? 😀 } There was no time for anything and my mom didn’t even liked cooking. 😁


But you see, she was a smart lady!


She would buy me {and herself} tons of children’s illustrated cookbooks to make cooking over the weekend less of a chore and more of a bonding time between “us girls”.


I a-d-o-r-e-d those books and drooled over each one of them.


It was my mission to make each recipe look as beautiful as its illustration. {*ahem* shameless pet in the back here :: I did a VERY good job 😎}


And my mom would be there by my side -“assisting me” throughout the process. 


Cooking would extend to arts & crafts as I always wanted to decorate the dining table to showcase the yumminess I just created. 👩🏻‍🍳🥘


And we would both be working on it together.

I treasured those moments so much. 

I deeply believe every household needs to experience this.


Every household is a nest where families can come together cherishing every moment.

I bring you Tiny Creative Chefs for that purpose - as a tool to create an environment to bond, connect, learn, have big laughs and grow together. I welcome you into this journey.